How To Create Unlimited Web Stories | Web Stories Automation

Web Stories are very popular which is a summarized form of a complete article or news. Through web stories we can uplift our visitors and impression & scale up our traffic. In this post we will see how to generate unlimited web stories easily.

What is Web Stories

Web stories are full-screen content format for the web which allow to swipe through stories like instagram or facebook. You can also say it is summarized form of an article , news or web content. Web stories is created by Google using AMP technique. So , web stories are shown in Google search results , discover and Google image search.

What Are The Benefits Of Web Stories

There are multiple features of web stories. Some of them are listed below

  • Make the content readable and understandable in short time as it is summarized form of content
  • Easy to use for readers as it is like instagram story
  • Increase the traffic of your website with large margin
  • Increase the impression of your website
  • Make your site available in Google's Discover feature
  • Easy and trending technique
  • Tools & plugins are available to create web stories
  • Web stories can be created with coding also

Web Stories For WordPress

Web Stories for WordPress can be created using official plugin of webstories by Google. Web stories plugin is a freemium plugin available to download from WordPress plugin section. Currently the active installation of Web stories for wordpress plugin is 100,000+ means a lot of wordpress users are using this plugin to implementing web stories in wordpress

Web Stories For Blogger

As of now most of the content writers are using WordPress as their cms (content management system) but also there are still very huge numbers of people are their who are using Blogger to publish their posts (like me). I have seen many questions related to how to make web stories on blogger. So the answer is you cannot create a valid web stories on blogger

Why We Can't Create Web Stories On Blogger

There are some technical reasons due to which we cannot create a valid web stories on blogger. Some of them are as follows

  • Web Stories uses AMP technique in which we have to remove the blogger's template which is not possible
  • Web Stories follows a specific coding structure which we can't achieve on blogger
  • Web stories does not support embedding of some external resource files which already included in blogger which can't be removed

How To Create Web Stories For Blogger

So i think you have got an idea why web stories can't be created on blogger. So what are the ways. The possible (and working way) to create a web stories for blogger is as follows

  • Suppose you are using as your main domain and it is using Blogger
  • Purchase a web hosting
  • Create a subdomain from where you have purchased your domain
  • Suppose you have created a subdomain "stories"
  • Connect the subdomain using nameserver with the hosting you have purchased.
  • Now your subdomain ( will point to the hosting
  • You can use various available tools to create web stories on that subdomain or can install WordPress there and use Web Stories Plugin by Google
I have also using the same way. You can check some of my web stories here & here

How To Create Unlimited Web Stories

Now lets quickly jump to the main topic. The web stories are create manually means you will require to choose an image and need to put on the slide. Then need to write on slide , add links. You will be needed to add more slides according to you need. All these steps are manual which means it will take time and lets say you will create approx 2 web stories in 10 minutes. To overcome these time consuming steps i came up with idea that lets use the power of programming and coding and generate unlimited valid web stories.

Web Stories Automation | Generate Unlimited Web Stories

So to automate the web stories we need some contents which have some valuable information to read. There is a website The Movie Database (TMDB) which provide free api key using which you can gets the information about movies , actors , tv series etc. So what you can do is you can use the api to get the information of an actor and get their 3 movies. Make sure to give credit to their website. Now using the template of amp web stories , implement the extracted information as web stories ( First slide for actor name , next three slides for their three movies ). You can create a PHP File in which you need to enter the actor id and it will create a amp ready web story .html file

In this post I am not covering the coding parts but providing you the logic that how can you generate unlimited web stories using php

How To Validate Web Story | Verify AMP Web Stories Validity

If an AMP powered web stories is invalid , it will be not counted as a web story. So to validate a web stories you need to follow the following steps

By using any one of the steps given above , you can validate your web stories.
I hope you have understand the complete process of generating and creating web stories