Cosmic Byte ARES Wireless Controller Review

Gaming with keyboard and mouse are sometimes not enough to play a game on PC & Laptops. At one point you will know that you need a game controller to enjoy the games. Some games like Cricket 22 , EA FIFA require a controller to play the games. Also , the controller remove the requirement of both Keyboard & Mouse in a game , so it is like 2 in 1. Controller produce some vibrations at different stages of games which makes game more realistic. In this post , i will review about Cosmic Byte ARES Wireless Gamepad Controller

Cosmic Byte ARES

ARES is one of the controller launched by Cosmic Byte. It is a wireless controller for PC & laptops which supports both X input & D inputs. It looks like XBox controller.It has rubberised texture with matte finish. It contain backlit buttons which can also be turned off. The A X Y B buttons has 3D effects which looks cool. It contain a 700mAH battery which gives backup of approx 8-9 hours of gameplay.


The ARES controller is wireless and has a USB dongle which needs to be plugged to connect the controller. The ARES controller can also be used in android using otg for those games which supports controllers. It supports PS3, Android / Android TV & PC / Laptops


ARES has analog triggers. The quality and feel of triggers are really good.


It has very good vibration effects.I felt more vibrations at left side of the controller. But it does have vibration at right side. (felt in Forza Horizon 5)


ARES supports Type C charging which is one of the best feature of this controller. It takes around 2.5-3 hours to completely charge the controller

ARES Other Details

It contain auto and turbo features along with reset button using which you can reset the controller.

Cosmic Byte ARES Image

Cosmic Byte ARES

Cosmic Byte ARES Pros

  • Good Design & Grip
  • Backlit (Can be turned Off)
  • Good Wireless Range
  • Type C Charging
  • Have X And D Inputs
  • Good Battery
  • Turbo Feature
  • Reset Feature

Cosmic Byte ARES Cons

  • No Battery Percentage Indicator
  • No Backlit Color Change Option

Cosmic Byte ARES Wireless - Still Worth Buying In 2023 ?

The answer is YES. It is one of the best controller under 2000. It provide good gaming experience at this price range and you can still consider it for buying in 2023.
You can purchase it from their official website or amazon

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Wireless Game Controller I Should Purchase Under 2000

You can purchase Cosmic Byte ARES at this price range. Also it will never feel that you are using a cheap quality controller while playing.

Redgear Pro Wireless vs Cosmic Byte ARES

Redgear pro wireless is slightly cheaper in price as compared to Cosmic Byte ARES. But due to build quality , battery capacity , gameplay feels and multiple features you should spend more bucks and purchase Cosmic Byte ARES