How To Download Favicon Of Any Websites

Favicon is an icon or image which is associated with a particular website. It is displayed in the address bar of the browser along with website’s title

How To Add Favicon in Website

To Add Favicon in WebPage (Both HTML & PHP) , You Need To Insert Following Code In Your Page :
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.png">

Where favicon.png is the image location & image name of favicon.

Recommended Size Of Favicon For Website

You Can Use Any Size Of Favicon For Your Website , But 16×16 Size Is Highly Recommended. Apart From 16×16, There Are Some More Popular Size Available.They Are :
  • 16×16
  • 32×32
  • 48×48
  • 64×64
  • 128×128

Easiest Way For Downloading Favicon From Any Website

There Are Two Ways By Following Which You Can Get The Favicon Of Any Other Website. They Are :
  • Manually – Viewing Source Code
  • Using ND Favicon Grabber

Get Favicon Of Other Website By Viewing Source Code

In This Method , We Need To Open Our Desired Website , Then Right Click On ‘View Page Source’ ( Or CTRL + U in Chrome ). Then We Need To Find Some Keywords Like :
  • favicon
  • shortcut icon (or) shortcuticon
If You Are Able To Find These Keywords , Then You Can Easily Download The Favicon By Visiting The URL Of Favicon

Using ND Favicon Grabber

This is The Most Easiest & Effective Way To Download Favicon From Any Website Or URL. For This , You Need To visit and Enter Your Desired URL In The TextBox.

After That Select The Image Size ( Multiple Image Size Available ) And Then Click On Grab Button. Then The Favicon From Your Desired Site Will Appear

How To Download Grabbed Favicon

To Download The Grabbed Favicon , Simply Right Click On Favicon And Click On Save image as .. In This Way , You Can Download The Grabbed Favicon From ND Favicon Grabber Website.

How To Extract Favicon Using Mobile Or Android

You Need To Follow The Steps Which Are Stated Above , And These Steps Will Work On Both PC & Mobile Device.


What is ND Favicon Grabber

ND Favicon Grabber Is An Online Tool To Download Favicon From Any Website

Can We Download Favicon From Mobile

Yes You Can Download Favicon Using Any Device Including Mobile

Is ND Favicon Grabber Is Paid Tool

No, ND Favicon Grabber Is Free Tool Using Which You Can Grab Unlimited Favicons

Who Developed ND Favicon Generator

ND Favicon Grabber Is Developed By Narendra Dwivedi

What Are The Extensions Of Favicon

Generally .png & .ico Is Most Commonly Used Extension Of Favicon

Can We Place Favicon Code In Body Section

No , You Need To Put The Code In Head Section Only By Using The <link> Tag