How To Add Subdomain To New Blog In Blogger Using Cloudflare

If you have already added custom domain in your blog and wanting to add subdomain of your main domain to new blog, then this post will help you.


If you don't know how to add custom domain to blogger , then you can read This Article

How To Add Subdomain In Blogger

After successfully adding custom domain in blogger using cloudflare, create a new blog using same google account.

Goto DNS setting of your cloudflare account and add 'CNAME' record with name as your subdomain [example : 'about' , if you want to use subdomain :] and target as ''. Make sure to enable proxy status as DNS only. You can see the step's screenshot below.
In this example, i used about subdomain for my main domain
Now goto newly created blog in which you want to add this subdomain. Navigate to setting option & choose custom subdomain and enter your subdomain

You can see subdomain added successfully in our blogger's blog