Add Custom Domain In Blogger With Freenom Using Cloudflare

Whenever we use blogger as our blog publishing platform , its domain sometimes irritates us as it ends with . If you want to remove from your blog , then you can use Blogger's custom domain feature by which you can add your own domain in your blog


How To Add Custom Domain In Blogger

To add custom domain to your blog , Open setting option and go to custom domain.

On Clicking 'Custom Domain' , You will be asked to enter your domain.

How To Add Freenom Domain In Blogger

As we know is Freemium domain registrar which offers registration of both Free & Paid domain. It offers .ml .ga .gl & .gq domain for free registration for 1 years.

To register free domain on freenom , visit , search & register your domain.

For example , i registered domain with freenom. Now goto blogger and enter the domain in custom domain option.

You can see that blogger is not able to verify that this domain belongs to you. You have to add some 'CNames' & 'A' records in DNS setting. We can do this in freenom's domain setting also but here i will use Cloudflare as it provided many excellent features which will be useful for our blog [We will see this in upcomming posts]

Now goto and click on sign up or you can direct visit for signing up cloudflare's account

Signup and verify you email. After that it will ask you to add your domain. 

Enter your domain and process by clicking Add site button. After that it will ask you to choose plan.


Choose Free plan and click on continue. Now it will ask you to add DNS record. Skip this step for now as we will configure this step later.

Cloudflare will ask you to change your domain's nameserver to tto their nameserver.

To set nameserver , click on 'Manage Domain' option from freenom page. Then choose Nameserver Option & Select Custom Nameserver.

Now enter nameserver provided by cloudflare and click on 'Change Nameserver'.

After that click on 'Done , Check Nameserver' On Cloudflare

It will take some times (may be 1 or 2 min). After that your site will be ready with cloudflare. As can see below , our domain is successfully added on cloudflare.

These are the steps to add & verify domain in cloudflare. Now we have to verify DNS settings of blogger in cloudflare so that we can successfully add custome domain.

Now goto to DNS Tab in cloudflare and add 2 CNAME record which blogger asked us. Make sure to switch proxy status to DNS only.

Now we need to add four 'A' Records :

So our final dns setting will look like :

Now goto to blogger , enter custom domain and add it. It will be added without any difficulty. If you encounters any problem while doing this process , you can ask your problem in comment section.