Cricket 24 Set to Release on 5th October 2023

Cricket enthusiasts, get ready to experience the pinnacle of cricket gaming with the highly anticipated release of Cricket 24 on 5th October 2023. This game is set to captivate fans with its remarkable features, stunning graphics, and immersive gameplay. Cricket 24 aims to take cricket gaming to new heights. Developed by Big Ant Studios, this title has emerged as one of the leading cricket games, available across various platforms, including PC, PS5™, PS4™, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. With an array of exciting features, Cricket 24 promises to deliver the most realistic and thrilling cricketing experience yet.

The Legacy of EA Cricket 07

Undoubtedly, EA Cricket 07 holds a special place in the hearts of cricket gaming enthusiasts. It garnered immense popularity and became a benchmark for cricket games. Its intuitive controls, immersive gameplay, and realistic graphics made it a favorite among players. Cricket 24 carries forward this legacy, combining nostalgia with cutting-edge advancements in technology to provide an unforgettable gaming experience.

A New Era of Realism

Cricket 24 sets a new standard for realism in cricket gaming. The game boasts over 200 players with full photogrammetry, resulting in incredibly lifelike character models. The meticulously designed stadiums, featuring over 50 highly detailed and official venues, further enhance the authenticity. Players can relish the thrill of playing in iconic cricket arenas from around the world. Cricket 24's focus on delivering the most realistic cricket game ever is sure to leave players awe-struck.

The Ashes: The Ultimate Rivalry

One of the standout features of Cricket 24 is its inclusion of the biggest rivalry in cricket – The Ashes. This iconic contest between Australia and England captivates fans worldwide. In Cricket 24, players can fully immerse themselves in The Ashes experience. The game offers detailed cutscenes, putting players right in the heart of the action. Feel like a part of the team with press conferences and team training sessions. With unique commentary, Cricket 24 allows players to live out their Ashes dreams, either as a single player or as a member of the Australian or English teams.

Official Licenses and Exciting Tournaments

Cricket 24 comes packed with official licenses, bringing the cricketing world to life. Represent your favorite teams with pride, as the game features major cricketing nations such as Australia, England, Pakistan, New Zealand, West Indies, and Ireland. Prepare for thrilling battles in renowned tournaments like The Ashes, the KFC BBL, the Weber WBBL, The Hundred, the Caribbean Premier League, and the PSL. The game also promises to unveil additional professional Indian T20 teams, adding further excitement to the mix.

Career Mode: Your Path to Cricket Stardom

Cricket 24's Career Mode invites players to embark on an incredible journey, starting as a club cricketer and rising to international fame. Develop your skills, gain a devoted fan base, and unlock new opportunities as you progress. The game provides extensive control over your player's destiny, allowing you to specialize in short-form cricket, focus on Test matches, or strike a balance between both formats. Craft your own cricketing legacy and become the next big thing in the cricketing world.

Revamped Fielding System

Cricket 24 introduces a complete overhaul of the fielding system, revolutionizing the way players interact with this aspect of the game. The new system offers the most realistic and responsive fielding controls ever seen in a cricket video game. Experience the thrill of taking breathtaking catches, executing precise run-outs, and diving to save crucial runs. The enhanced fielding mechanics will keep players engrossed in every moment of the game.


Cricket 24 is poised to redefine cricket gaming, bringing fans an unparalleled experience on various gaming platforms. With its commitment to realism, official licenses, engaging Career Mode, revamped fielding system, and cross-platform multiplayer support, Cricket 24 promises to be the ultimate cricket game. Mark your calendars for 5th October and prepare to embark on a cricketing adventure like no other. Get ready to immerse yourself in the world of Cricket 24 and witness the evolution of cricket gaming. It's time to create your own cricketing legacy and etch your name in the annals of cricket history.