Is Instagram Introducing Paid Blue Tick Verification Feature

Instagram & Facebook soon may launch paid blue tick feature? In this post we will fact check possible instagram's paid blue tick verification made by reverse engineer

Instagram Paid Blue Tick Verification

As Twitter introduced its Blue subscription across several countries using which users can get Blue Tick , other social media companies might follow their idea and introduce Paid Blue Tick feature. A claim made by a reverse engineer suggests that instagram is testing paid blue tick feature. So , we also tried to confirm that the paid blue tick code is used in instagram or not.

As you can see above , we found that in instagram latest application (v269. , there are two strings used which suggest paid blue badge identity verification for both Instagram and Facebook which means that in future Meta may introduce paid blue tick subscription for users on their both platforms (Facebook & Instagram)

The strings which suggest about paid blue badge are :

So the claim made by reverse engineer is true about the paid blue badge reference in instagram application


Does Instagram Has Introduced Paid Blue Badge

Currently Instagram Has Not Introduced Paid Blue Tick Verification

Is Instagram Introducing Paid Blue Badge

According To Strings Found In Instagram's Latest Application Code , It Suggest That They Might Be Working On Paid Blue Tick Verification Feature

Is Blue Tick Paid On Instagram

Currently Instagram Has Not Launched Any Paid Blue Tick Service , So Blue Tick Is Not Paid. You Need To Be Authentic In Order To Get Blue Badge