FAQ Generator | Free Tool To Generate FAQ Schema For Website

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions) is a collection of questions and its answer for a specific topic. Using FAQ schema , a web page can appears with faq included in search result.

FAQ Schema Generator

FAQ Schema Generator is a tool used to generate FAQ Schema which is valid and eligible for rich result on google search. There are valid online faq generator tools available for wordpress & blogger using which we can generate valid faq schema for websites but in this post you will know how to generate faq schema offline

FAQ Schema , Credit - Google

FAQ Schema Generator For WordPress

You can easily generate faq schema for wordpress using wordpress plugin or online faq generator but using our faq markdown schema generator tool , you can generate faq schema offline

FAQ Schema Generator For Blogger

Blogger does not support any plugin like wordpress , so we need to enter the faq code manually which can be generated by our offline faq generator which is free

FAQ Schema Markup [JSON LD]

FAQ schema follows a structured code with some required properties. The JSON-LD FAQ Schema Generator tool follows this structure data and generate valid rich eligible schema.org FAQ

Sample Code Of FAQ Schema

<script type="application/ld+json">
   "@type" : "Question",
   "name" : "How To Generate  FAQ Schema",
   "acceptedAnswer" : {
    "@type" : "Answer",
    "text" : "Using FAQ Schema Generator"
   "@type" : "Question",
   "name" : "Who Developed FAQ Schema Generator",
   "acceptedAnswer" : {
    "@type" : "Answer",
    "text" : "Narendra Dwivedi"

FAQ Schema Generator Offline

Using offline FAQ Schema Generator , we can generate faq markdown code which we can implement in normal website , wordpress or blogger

Feature Of Offline FAQ Schema Generator

  • Lightweight
  • Generate FAQ Schema Fast
  • Generate Valid FAQ Schema
  • Follows FAQ Schema Code Rule
  • Developed By Experienced Developer (Narendra Dwivedi)
  • Can Save Generated FAQ Schema Code As JavaScript File
  • Generates HTML Code Of FAQ (Question & Answer) Also
  • Latest Version
  • Supports Multiple Windows Operating System
  • Generates Rich Result Ready FAQ Schema Offline

FAQ Generator Image

Offline Free FAQ Schema Generator Requirement

  • Windows Operating System ( WIndows 7 Or Above)
  • .NET Framework 3.5+

Download Link For FAQ Schema Generator

Download From Google Drive
Download From MediaFire
Download From Mega


What Is FAQ Schema Generator

FAQ Schema Generator Is A Tool To Generate Valid FAQ Schema Code

Is FAQ Schema Generator Is Offline

Yes. FAQ Schema Generator Tool Is Completely Offline

How To Add FAQ Schema In Blogger

To Add FAQ Schema Is Blogger , Use Our FAQ Schema Generator To Generate Valid FAQ Code , Then Go To Blogger Post , Swish To HTML View And Paste The Code At Last

How Do I Create A FAQ Schema

Using FAQ Schema Generator , We Can Create A Valid FAQ Schema

How To Check FAQ Schema Code Is Valid Or Not

By Testing The FAQ Code On https://search.google.com/test/rich-results Or https://validator.schema.org , We Can Test Our FAQ Schema