How To Find Which Type Of GeForce Driver Is Installed [Game Ready Driver OR Studio Driver]

GeForce is GPUs designed by Nvidia. In this post we will see how to find which GeForce Driver is installed on your system.

How To Know Which GeForce Driver Is Installed

To know which type of GeForce driver is installed, you need to follow the following steps

  • Download & install GeForce Experience software from official site

  • Open GeForce Experience program. Login to your Nvidia account.
  • Go to Drivers tab. There you can see which type of driver is installed on your system

GeForce Game Ready VS GeForce Studio Driver , Which To Install

If you are a gamer and wants regular update of driver , then you can choose GeForce Game Ready Driver. If you are an content creator with more focus on video editing , graphics designing , animation etc then you can choose GeForce Studio Driver.
If you are both [Gamer & Content Creator] , according to my opinion , go with Game Ready Driver