Twitter Blue Will Relaunch On Monday December 12

The most awaited relaunch , Twitter Blue subscription going to be launch on December 12

Twitter Blue Subscription Relaunch Date

After a long fix , Twitter is ready to relaunch its Twitter Blue subscription across all over the world including India. This time , Twitter has taken safety majors so that no other person can impersonate someone.

Twitter Blue Features

Twitter Blue has some great features. The Blue subscription will include :

  • Verified Tick : Twitter Blue user will receive a blue tick for personal account, Gold tick for Business and Grey tick for government account.
  • Edit Tweet : Twitter Blue subscriber can edit their tweets
  • 1080p Video Uploads : You can now upload Full HD 1080p videos on Twitter with Blue subscription
  • Reach : Blue subscriber's  tweets will reach to maximum accounts
  • Half Ads : Blue users will see half ads as compared to non subscribed users
  • Much More : You will get more benefits in coming updates

Twitter Blue ReLaunch Date In India

Twitter Blue is relaunching on 12th December in India and across the world. This time , both Android as well as IOS users will be able to subscribe to Twitter Blue

Twitter Blue Subscription Price

Twitter Blue subscription will cost 8$ for Web and Android whereas for IOS (Apple) you nee to pay 11$ (extra 3$).

Twitter Blue India Price According To Purchasing Power Parity

According to earlier tweet by Elon Musk , Twitter Blue subscription price will be different in each country according to its purchasing power parity.

According to purchasing power parity of India , 1 USD is equal to 23.99 Rupees. So the Twitter Blue subscription charge should be around 192 Rupees (23.99 x 8 ) but it is not clear yet that the purchasing power parity will be used or not.


Can I Change My Name , Handle After Taking Twitter Blue Subscription

Yes you can change your Name or Halde but your verification mark will be temporary removed and will reinstate after review.

Is Phone Number Is Required In Twitter

Yes , If you want blue tick , you need to add and verify your phone number.