How To Block Ads On Android [Without Installing Any App]

Advertisements are the major source of earning from website , videos and application. But at sometime , users wants to stop viewing ads. This may be due to various reasons including inappropriate ads. In this post , we will learn how to block ads on android without installing any external application

Block Advertisement On Android

To block ads on android device , you need to follow the steps given below

  • Open "Setting" of your mobile
  • Open "Connections & Sharing Settings"
  • Choose "Private DNS"
  • Choose Custom DNS and enter hostname as follows :
  • Click on save
  • Done , your internet connection will be filtered though adguard which will block all the ads


Does This Will Work With All Android Device

Yes , this method will work with every android device

I Am Unable To Find The Settings Given Below

Each mobile company's setting "TEXT" are different. So you need to find the find the appropriate options , but the method will be same

Do I Need To Install External Application For Blocking Ads On Android

No , you need not to install any app from anywhere to block ads on android. You just need to follow the steps given above