| Perfect Place To Find The Best Institutes Reviews is one of the best and leading college reviewing website across search engines but it is not only just a reviewing website but also One place for everything that a Student or their parents need in a college we just simplify their work of searching for a college or knowing about a college they just need to sit relax and only search they will get everything that they were searching for a college insight.

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My Name is Akhilesh Bhagat  I am 20 years old  I am the founder of this website I founded at end of 2021. This is my 1st main Startup Website  I will be working here as a Blogger. I tried to write valuable and helpful content. Now coming to my Educational background I am pursuing engineering. 

The backstory of Launching

When I was preparing for my JEE at that time I was browsing for Engineering Colleges but I was not getting the proper type of Review about the things I was looking for I wondered if other students felt the same way so I came up with an idea of writing a blog which can provide a proper Reviews on college with to the point information and also personal reviews from the students studying there. 
after the competitive exams we searched for colleges on the web where we didn’t find satisfactory answers so from there we got the idea of creating our own blog where we tried to give to-the-point answers and which would be enough for all … and also we personally have visited some of the colleges during our selections and also there are would be some personal reviews from the students studying in the very college. I think many students are facing review problems so we came up with the idea of establishing

Along With Reviews of Colleges

We also provide life lessons related to professional ethics As we grow up we need to live with some principles 

So Professional ethics-related content is also present that will help you in principle making. If you are going to college they will never teach you how to prepare a resume so most of the students make use of youtube when they don’t get satisfactory results they end up demotivated person so we came up with the idea of writing an excellent and appropriate way to prepare a resume if you prepare a resume through our guided blog then your resume will be sure shot be selected. So everything related to placement will get added to our website like how to prepare for placement and our blogs are researched and written by experiences.  Some highly needed blogs are on there way that is STUDENTS-related INFO-BLOGS in this will cover everything related to students’ behavior etc, DARKSIDERS related INFO-BLOGS in this we will cover everything related to Darksiders about colleges and some specific keywords, 360 View Of College.

Future of Website

About our website content future, we will be providing Ebooks, Courses, and Much more 

We are  having a short but clever team

Jay Bachhav - I am the COO of this website every operations-related website is handled by me. I am also a professional blogger. I write blogs on this website in the Medical college’s category and also our new category is coming related to College students’ behavior in that field. I am writing a blog.
I am from the initial stage of the website
Roshan Mahajan - I am Research Head in this website. Everything related to website college information starting from the college’s image to college and website interactions, I handle everything from getting contacts about students studying in the college.
Rushikesh Barkade - I am an SEO ANALYST at I make sure that each page rank on google and other search engines make sure that content satisfies the user and search engines. I bring creative methods to market and potential advertiser
Vaishnavi Joshi - Media Student who's fond of writing blog articles, and has an open eye for aesthetics and arts around every corner. Interested in Marketing and Advertising, have been working with a marketing agency for 2 years now. I have experienced working with Outlook Publishing Group in the Advertising Management Department. My Cultural Blog got published in International Kalakari Film Festival Magazine. At I will be working as a guest blogger. They are introducing a new category of placement cells which will be handled under my guidance.

Conclusion is the only place you need for college reviews.