How To Get Verified On Mastodon

Mastodon is a free , open source and decentralized social media platform which was released in 2016. After Twitter launches its Twitter Blue subscription plan , many users are leaving the platform and joining Mastodon. In this post , we will see how to get verified on Mastodon.

How To Join Mastodon

To get started using Mastodon , we need to create account on Mastodon. To create account on Mastodon , you need to visit and choose any server to create account. You can access Mastodon even after choosing any server. Alternatively , you can use my invite link to signup for Mastodon ( ). In this way , you can create your account on Mastodon.

How To Get Verified On Mastodon

There is no official blue tick verification system on Mastodon , but there is a trick using which you can get blue tick on Mastodon easily. For this , you doesn't need any document verification or notable authority of your profile.

How To Get Blue Tick On Mastodon

To get blue tick on Mastodon , you need to follow following steps :
  • Open Mastodon and login to your profile
  • Click on edit profile
  • Goto Profile->Appearance tab
  • In display name , enter :verified: after your name
  • For example , my display name is Narendra Dwivedi , i need to enter Narendra Dwivedi :verified: in display name
  • Click on save changes.
  • Now visit your profile , you will see blue tick after your name

  • In this way, you can get verified on Mastodon.

How To Verify Links On Mastodon

In Mastodon , you can enter up to four links on your profile. If you want to get a tick (verification) for that link , you can also do this easily. For this you need to verify yourself as the owner of that links.

How To Verify Profile Metadata Links On Mastodon

To get the verification done of your profile metadata links , you need to verify the ownership of that links. Lets see the process given below to verify profile metadata links on Mastodon.
  • Open Mastodon , login to your account.
  • Click on edit profile.
  • Goto Profile->Appearance tab
  • In bottom , you will find profile metadata section where you can enter up to four links.
  • Enter label , content (link) and click on save button
  • Now at right side of profile metadata section ,you will find verification section in which you will find a html code.

  • Now open the admin panel of the link (you have entered) , like wordpress / github / static website anything and enter that verification html code and save the changes.
  • Now visit that verification link using your link (Website)
  • Done , you should see a check mark along with your website.
  • In This way , you can easily verify your profile metadata links
I hope that you have understood how to get verified on Mastodon and how to verify your profile metadata link on Mastodon. If you have any doubt , feel free to post it in comment. Also make sure to follow me on Mastodon ( )


Is Document Verification Is Needed To Get Verified On Mastodon ?

No , document verification is not required

On Which Device We Can Follow The Process Of Verification

You can use any device like Mobile , Tab or Web Version