How To Show Hindi Ads On Website Using Adsense

Have You Seen Hindi Advertisement On Website Using Google AdSense & Wondered How To Show Ads In Hindi Using Google AdSense , Then This Post Is For You In Which You Will Learn How To Show Hindi Ads On Website Using Google AdSense

Google AdSense

Google AdSense Is A Program Of Google Through Which Website Publisher Can Show Advertisement On Their Website Or Blog And Can Earn Money Through It. AdSense Auto Optimize The Ads According To The Website Niche & Website Language And Shows The Advertisement According To It

AdSense Ads In Hindi

Hindi Ads Means The Advertisement Which Are Show On Your Website Are In Hindi Language. For Example
  • If The Top/Bottom Anchor Ads Shows An App To Install , It Generally Shows 'Install Now' But If That Ads Is In Hindi Language It Will Show 'इनस्टॉल करे'
  • If Auto Ads Insert An Ads On Your Page , It Generally Include 'Advertisement' Text But IN Hindi , It Will Show Text 'विज्ञापन' Instead Of 'Advertisement

How To Show Hindi Ads On Website

To Show Advertisement In Hindi On Your Website , You Need To Perform Certain Actions
  • Change Theme Text Language
  • Change Content Language
  • Do Not Use Other Language Instead Of Hindi
  • Stick On Pure Hindi Content Instead Of Hinglish (Mixture Of Hindi & English)

Change Theme Text Language

This Is The First And Main Thing Which You Need To Perform. Edit Your Theme Or Template And Change All The Texts (Strings) Written In English To Hindi
For Example
  • Change Load More To और देखे
  • Change Read More To पूरा पढ़े
  • Change Popular Posts To लोकप्रिय पोस्ट
  • Change Publish A Comment To टिप्पणी करे
This Is Some Of The Example , You Need To Do The Changes Like This. Now In Footer & Header Section Like Menu , Make Sure To Replace All The English Texts To Hindi Texts

Change Content Language

This Is The Most Important Step. Make Sure To Write Each And Every Posts Or Articles In Hindi Language. Keep Your Posts Engaging & Valuable So That Reader Will Spend Some Times On Your Posts , As A Result Of Which Your SEO Will Increase.

Do Not Use Other Language

Make Sure You Are Not Using Other Languages Like English Or Hinglish (Combination Of Hindi & English) In Your Posts. If You Follow All The Steps Carefully Provided In This Post , Then You Are Ready To Publish Hindi Ads On Your Website Using Google AdSense.


Hindi Ads Are Not Showing On Website

If You Have Already Followed All The Steps Given Above And Still Hindi Advertisements Are Not Shown On Website Then You Need To Wait For Some Hours So That Google Can Optimize The Ads According To Your Website Language. After Some Times , You Can See Hindi Ads Appearing On Your Website

How To Write Hindi Posts Online

To Write In Hindi Online , You Can Use Google Translator Which Converts English To Hindi (Click To Open Google Translator)

How To Change English Text To Hindi Text In Theme

Make Sure To Keep A Backup Of Your Website's Theme. Now Open Theme Editor & Find And Replace All The English Texts Into Hindi

Can I Get AdSense Approval For Hindi Website

Yes , You Can Get AdSense Approval For Your Hindi Website If You Followed All The Rules & Regulations Of AdSense. Make Sure To Write Genuine & Plagiarism Free Content , Valuable Content & Medium-Long Posts ( Minimum Around 350 Words)

Disadvantage Of Hindi Website

  • The Main Disadvantage Of Hindi Website Is That It Can't Be Read Globally As It Is In Regional Language Resulting Minimal To No Traffic From Foreign Countries
  • If You Are Using Some Tools Like Google Translator To Convert English Text To Hindi Text& Then Publishing It , Then It Will Consume More Times