How To Batch Rename Multiple File Extension

Suppose You Have A Folder In Your PC With Multiple Images In It & You Want To Hide It. How Can You Do that ? The Simplest Way Is By Changing Its Extension From JPG/PNG/GIF To Any Other Extension Like MP4/MKV Or .ABC (Anything) So That , It Will Not Open That Image [ That's A Really Bad Way To Hide Images , Don't Do That HeHe ]. So How Did You Rename All The Files Extensions In One Click ? There Is A Simple Way , By Using Command Prompt. Yes , You Heard It Right Because CMD Is Something Which Is Very Useful In Terms Of Batch Processing.

Bulk Rename File Extension In Windows

For Renaming Extensions Of Files In Bulk , We Will Use Command Prompt (CMD) As It Is Super Easy To Use & It Will Save A Lot Of Time By Processing This Task In Bulk

CMD Command To Batch Rename File Extension

  • Open Command Prompt (CMD) ( Open In Administrator Mode If You Are Going To Perform Task In Folder Which Comes Under Admin Privilege )
  • Type Command
  • cd E:\MyFolder

    Replace 'E:\MyFolder' With Your Folder's Location In Which You Want To Batch Rename The File Extensions.
  • Now In That Folder , If There Are Images File With '.PNG' Extension & We Want To Batch Rename All The Files To '.mkv' Extension , Then We Need To Enter The Command
  • ren *.PNG *.mkv

  • Now All The Files Extension Of '.PNG' Will Changed To '.mkv'

  • In The Same Way , If You Want To Revert This Process , i.e. If You Want To Change '.mkv' Extension To '.PNG' Then , You Need To Enter Command 
  • ren *.mkv *.PNG
  • It Will Change All The Files With Extension '.mkv' To '.PNG' Extension

CMD Command To Batch Rename Files Having Multiple Extensions

Suppose , There Is A Folder Which Include Files With Multiple Extension. How Can You Change These All Files Extensions To Your Desired File Extension. The Answer Is Simple. Again By Using CMD , You Can Rename Files Having Multiple Extension In Batch

  • Open CMD & Type
  • cd E:\MyFolder

    Replace 'E:\MyFolder' With Your Folder's Location

  • Enter Command
  • ren *.* *.PNG
  • It Will Change All Files Extensions To '.PNG' [ Replace .PNG With Your Desired Extension In Above Command ]

Free Batch File Extension Changer Program For Windows

If The Above Steps Looks Messy For You , Then There Is A Program Which I Have Developed By Using Which You Can Change Batch Rename File Extension

BatchRenameExtension.bat 1KB
  • Download The Above File & Put It In The Folder In Which You Want To Perform Batch File Extension Changing Task [ Run The File As Administrator If The Folder Is User Admin Privilege ]
  • Open The File And Press 1 To Go To Batch Extension Rename Dashboard

  • Now Enter The Extension Of File Of Which You Want To Change The Extension (Enter The Extension Without 'Dot' . Example PNG)
  • After That Enter The New Extension (Without Dot) & Press Enter

  • Done , The File Extensions Will Be Changed.
In This Way We Can Batch Rename The Extensions Of Files