How To Setup Your Own Local Web Server

While developing a website , we need to check it how it looks like & whether it is according to our desired design or not. We can check it by opening in any web browser , but in case of dynamic content we need a web server. So if we have local web server , it will be more easier for us to test it.

Web Server

A Web Server Is A Computer That Provide Data To Other Computer. In Our Case , It Will Provide Data To Own As It Will Be A Local Web Server.

Setup Local Web Server On Windows

For Installing Own Web Server On Windows OS , There Are Many Software Available By Using Which You Can Use Your Computer As A Local Web Server. Some Of Them Are :


XAMPP Is A Free And Open-source Cross-platform Web Server Solution Stack Package Developed By Apache. XAMPP Package Includes Apache Web Server, MySQL, PHP, Perl, FTP Server And phpMyAdmin. It Is Available For Windows , Linux , Solaris & Mac OS


WampServer Is A Windows Web Development Environment. It Allows You To Create Web Applications With Apache, PHP And MySQL Database. WAMP Stands For "Windows, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. After XAMPP , It Is One Of The Most Popular Web Development Platform. It Is Only Available For Windows Operating System.


AMPPS Is A Solution Stack Of Apache, MySQL, MongoDB, PHP, Perl And Python For Windows , Linux And MacOS. It Is Created By Softaculous , Which Is A Very Popular One Click Script Installer.


EasyPHP Turns Your Computer Into A Ready To Use Local Web Server. It Comes With PHP, Apache, MySQL, Nginx And PhpMyAdmin. It Is A Complete Free Ready-to-use PHP Development Environment On Windows With Apache Web Server, MySQL And Others Development Tools.

Which Environment To Use ?

All The Environments Mentioned Above Are Good And You Can Use Any Of Them , Its Up To You. But XAMPP Has Slighter More Edge As Compared To Other As It Has A Simple Interface Which Will Be Helpful For Beginner And It Has More Extensions & Modules As Compared To Others.