What is Cracked App ? Pros And Cons Of Using Mod App

Cracked / Mod Apps are modified version of original application which may be created for various reasons like :

    > The original app has advertisement in it.

Advertisements are the main source of revenue from the apps. Most of the users hate advertisement. So they use the modded version of that app in which advertisements are removed.

    > The original app has in app purchase in it.

This is the one of the biggest reason for using mod apps. In original apps , users were asked to purchase subscription to remove some limitations from the apps. To overcome this issue , some users prefer to use modded apps instead of paying for the subscription. 

Reversing Android App . Is it hard to mod android application ?

It depends upon the apps & its security , according to it we can determine that the specified app is easy, hard or very tough to mod.
Removing advertisement from an application is easier than patching in app purchase.
The success in modding apps depends on experience , logic , knowledge of java & smali bytecodes & patience. Anyway , i am not teaching app cracking in this post :)

Pros Of Using Mod Apps

  • No Advertisement
  • In App Purchased Unlocked / All Limitations Removed
  • No Tracer , Analytics
  • Unnecessary extra codes removed
  • Custom looks

Cons Of Using Mod Apps

  • Intentional harmful code may be included which can spy on your device ,make a copy of your important files to their server , inject virus in your device etc
  • Mod apps are not edited by their official developers , so we can't trust them
  • Mod apps are not available on google play store , they are uploaded on some other websites & forums.
  • If we download mod apps from any other websites , there is a chance that we may download a wrong file from their file host a they use many advertisement on the sites due to which the wrong downloaded apps may be virus and can infect our device in many ways
  • Using mod apps will not help their original developer to get revenue from the app and the modded app will not have advertisement & in app purchase. So it is necessary to support developer by using the original application.