How To Make A Keygen [Beginner Level]

So this is my first post publicly on reverse engineering. Many of you might know the term keygenerator. Basically keygenerator or keygen is a program designed to generate a valid registration / license code of a software. Coding the keygen is most difficult part as we need to crack the algorithm. In this post , i will share the method though which you can create a beginner's level keygen of a software whose key you already know.

What You Need :

  • Choose A Programming Language. I am choosing VB.NET [Visual Basic.NET] For This Post
  • IDE [ Microsoft Visual Studio For VB.NET]
  • Logic
  • obviously patience

Lets Start:

Create A New VB.Net Project In Visual Studio. Add 2 Label [Label1 & Label2] , 2 TextBox [textbox1 & textbox] And A Button as follows

Let We Have Six License Keys As Follows

1. Name : ND
    Key :    hw,(Y.TbPl0Z*3J

2. Name : User
    Key :    /pybF;0E8|^O/2=

3. Name : Hi
    Key :    WiFa~cUhG](}/$q

4. Name : iamND
    Key :    ]Fy?r7M!)E[W>-]

5. Name : Other
    Key :    IyglX(YB6VVem+/

6. Name : XYZ
    Key :    ^OJoAel|lIWxi*Y

Now Lets Code In Such A Way That When User Will Click 'Generate' Button , It Will Show Any One Of The License Code Along With Its User Name

There Are Many Ways To Do The Required Operation. I Will Prefer To Generate A Random Numbers [6 Random Numbers In This Case] And Use If Else Conditions To Display Output According To Random Number's Outcome.

Complete Code :

Compiler And Run The Project. Your Keygen Is Ready